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BUY LOCAL Special Bento Boxes project


March 17, 2020

With a single case of COVID-19 being diagnosed in Miyazaki Prefecture during the season of going-away and welcome-parties, many local restaurants have reported a drop in customers and mass cancellations of bookings.

In an attempt to alleviate the economic impact of COVID-19, BUY LOCAL Miyazaki has launched a new initiative to help local restaurants weather the storm.

Starting on Monday, 16 March, and every day thereafter, you’ll be able to buy bento boxes in front of the Tully’s on Tachibana Street from 11:30 – 13:30 that are specially prepared by the very same restaurants we all love and enjoy!

Show your support by sharing this post, following @BuyLocalMiyazaki on social media or skipping your usual conbini lunch and grabbing a bento made by a local restaurant.

So let’s get together as a community and show our support for the city we call home.


★Joined restaurants as follows★*Each Bento is subject to change without notice.

4 restaurants collaboration bento box<¥1,500> 【30 boxes Limited】

CORNER Special Roast beef ricebowl *Mon, Wed, Fri  【10 boxes Limited】

Served by. Ippei Group (Kyushu Pancake Cafe , BAR&CAFE CORNER, Sobatoki, Ippei  Sushi etc)(一平グループ)

Hamburger Steak Curry cooked by Western-style restaurant 【10 boxes Limited】

Served by. Restaurant Paris no Asaichi(レストラン パリの朝市)

Reprinted Edition: Hayashi rice(Hashed beef with rice) 【10 boxes Limited】

Served by. Ryokan Odosou(旅館小戸荘)

Char-grilled Chicken Bento 【10 boxes Limited】

Served by. Comfort diner Group(Miyazaki Harenohi, Appare Shoudoh, Miyazaki Hareumi etc)(コンフォートダイナーグループ)

…and more to join!