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BOOGiEs-The ultimate Burger place of Miyazaki ?


June 03, 2019

When you come to a foreign country as a traveler it is normal that you want to eat local food and make your adventure as typical as you can.

It is always pleasant to show your friends some pictures of you eating fantastic sushi, huge ramen and so on …

However, secretly, especially when you plan to stay a long time visiting a foreign country, you probably feel something inside yourself that is making you feel guilty! And you think OK, just one time in my trip I would give everything I have just to bite a delicious tasty burger! Isn’t it?

Don’t be ashamed, I perfectly understand your feeling, you are not alone and that’s why I would like to write about the greater burger place of Miyazaki in my opinion! Let’s introduce “BOOGiEs”

Why should you taste a boogie burger?

Why you will enjoy that place?

You will find this burger shop at the second floor of the building of the picture above (and we have a map at this end of this article) When you enter this place, you will be immediately put in a superb atmosphere of the 70s with guitar-shaped hangers

counter with C.D. old rock bands and small figurines, old vinyl…

The owner played in a rock band when he was younger and he kept this feeling to make his shop with his heart and taste! And we love it!

His staff is always smiling and warmly welcome you. Good ambiance and high Japanese service quality give them a first very good point. Let’s see now, the burger itself!

You really have the choice between a large variety of burgers ! you are completely free to choose just one burger or a set. (I highly recommend the set because of their fantastic french fries! Crispy, not oily, with a good perfume of potatoes, SO DELICIOUS !)

You also have the choice, for your burger, to add several topping (cheese, bacon, avocado … As you wish !) You have the possibility to choose the size of your precious burger. Really, I have to confess, it is the first time that I can freely customize a burger so much since I am in Miyazaki! Are we entered in Burger paradise?

This is it, we, finally got our burger, I chose a cheese burger. (certainly because of my French blood, it is hard to say) And it’s beautiful!

Yes, I know what you are thinking, a burger is only a meal between two slices of bread! No, don’t say it anymore because it hurts, please !  A good burger looks good too, what a pain when you try to eat it and the tomato escape from it, or it’s too much juicy … a good burger is well balanced, looks tasty and give you pleasure as you bite it and that you can feel distinctly each ingredient! This is the definition of a good burger and this is exactly what we got at Boogies burger!

Then, what about the price?  Is it as high as heaven? good news again, the medium price is around 1200-1500 Yen for a set with a drink and potatoes. Sure it’s a bit more expensive than a classical burger in a classical fast-food. However, here, you are in a real restaurant, you can enjoy a good ambiance, choose a burger that you will love, so in my opinion, there is no comparison possible.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you decide to make a burger break time, you know where to go, they really deserve it! Don’t forget to share your comment! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Bonne appétit!