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The Beach Burger House


April 08, 2018


the beach burer house miyazaki

Located in the heart of Miyazaki Seaside Park -Sun Beach Hitotsuba, The Beach Burger House is the ideal place to grab some delicious food after a swim in the sea or a long surf session. The Beach Burger House is specialised in homemade Fries, their signature Burgers and all-day breakfasts. Their Pancakes are fantastic as well and they offer a drink bar which invites you to stay and enjoy the cozy atmosphere for a while. Their ice cream is also a delicious option if you are looking for a small treat to eat outside.

the beach burger house miyazaki

strawberry ricotta fresh cheese pancakes delicious the beach burger house miyazaki

homemade ice cream the beach burger house miyazaki

The whole front terrace faces the sea, and if you are lucky, you might get a peek of some surfers ripping the waves (or getting their fair share of salt water while trying) while sipping your coffee. Many events like the Sand Flower Festa are annually hosted in the park from spring to autumn, so you might be able to enjoy a different view every now and then which makes the place even more interesting to come back and enjoy.

sand flower festa hitotsuba beach park miyazaki the beach burger house view