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Traditional pottery Komatsubara-gama


January 31, 2018

This traditional craft is truly rooted in history, going all the way back to 1599 and the era of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. A history of over 400 years. This pottery presented the Showa emperor and his wife with a pair of matching Japanese teacups and regularly supplies the royal family with its works. It has been recognized for its academic value by the ministry of Education and Korean historical research institution. In 1860, the current pottery was opened in Komatsubara, Miyakonojo city and in 1969 was revived as Komatsubara gama. It has been registered as a traditional craft of Miyazaki Prefecture and Boku Heii who is the 15th successor of Komatubara gama continues on its legacy to this day in Tsukimigaoka. You can experience making pottery with a wheel at this pottery with a reservation in advance.