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SEABISCUIT PARLOUR – Enjoy Heavenly Parfaits and Cake by the Ocean


July 27, 2018

Maybe you are looking for a nice place to spend your Sunday afternoon, maybe you need an excuse to go on a long, nice drive, or maybe you are just looking for a place to stop by and rest in-between your adventures. Whatever your motive may be, SEA BISCUIT PARLOUR is one of my favorite hidden gems in Miyazaki to recommend to fellow travelers and Miyazakians alike.

seabisquit oshare beach cafe fruits parfait miyazaki kushima

Tucked away in-midst the lush greenery of a little cove in Kushima, the location is perfect to dive into Miyazaki’s nature at its finest and forget about your daily life. It almost seems like the cafe created its own little space where time flows differently. With its concept of a small size combined with a fabulous interior-design and high-quality fruit-desserts served with specialty coffee, it feels like a real privilege to spend time there. The desserts may be on the pricier side but with the guaranty of only the freshest, premium quality, seasonal fruits that are big on flavor, limited numbers of special desserts and a menu that changes along with the seasons, it is more than worth it. You not only pay for the creations you will enjoy there but for the experience as a whole. I especially want to recommend this place for a surprise-date or to treat your friends and yourself to something very special.

After the cafe, I can only commend you to take a stroll at the cove’s beach in front of the cafe. you can also combine it with a beach-half-day and spend some time sunbathing or reading a book while you digest the treats you just enjoyed. To sum it up, if you want to have an experience out of the ordinary, enjoy good design paired with good taste and are looking for something new, SEA BISCUIT PARLOUR is definitely a must-go while in Miyazaki!

seabisquit oshare beach cafe fruits parfait miyazaki kushima