‘En’ is a concept of fate and coincidence; like gravity, it is a force that pulls people and situations together.

Sokken Yasui residence


January 31, 2018

Sokken Yasui is a great Bakumatsu era Confucian scholar from the Obi clan. He resided at this house for 26 years but moved houses over 20 times in his life which he dedicated to being a scholar. The house has been restored to its Edo period state and in the garden, there is a plum tree Sokken planted himself which blossoms beautifully at the beginning of spring. He was raised in a poor family and helped his family financially while continuing his studies. He moved to Edo (currently Tokyo) at the age of 25 and by the time he was 28, he was appointed the teacher to the lord of the Obi clan. He returned to his home town the following year and started to teach but later returned to Edo to establish his own school “Sankei-Jyuku” where he taught over 2000 students over a span of 37 years.